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What is your position/stance on bid-bots (ownership/delegations/opinion)? – @abh12345, @ammonite

What does the witness want to do to make the blockchain more user-friendly and help to on-board new users. What do THEY personally want to see done and what will they do to get it there? – @ericwilson

Do you think votes for witnesses should last indefinitely or should they time out (or perhaps decay over time) so that periodically voters will need to reevaluate and affirm their positions by recasting their votes? – @harvhat

Do you think the 30 witness votes each steemian gets is the correct number, especially in light of the fact there are only 20 top witnesses to be seated? – @harvhat

What is a concern or two that you have about the #steem blockchain? – @johnspalding

What are you hopeful about for the #steem blockchain? – @johnspalding

What is the monthly cost of equipment? – @abh12345

Where do your earnings go? – @abh12345

[What are some of your] Current projects? – @abh12345

[Will you provide an] Alt accounts list? – @abh12345

What are the benefits associated with being a witness? – @klassic

How do I become a witness? – @steemingmark

What do you think the SBD [STEEM] price for a new account should be? – @harvhat

What is a witness and how I become a good worker? – @rubaethsyed

Have you implemented any new procedures for evaluating potential hardforks? – @patrickulrich

How does a new user make the availability of his vote known to the cabal of witnesses wannabes trying to overthrow the current witness regime? – @grimgriz

Should we have interest for SBD? – @patrickulrich

What takeaways do you have from the Hardfork 20 issues that occurred? – @patrickulrich

Do you think 20/21 top witnesses a good number or should there be more or less? – @harvhat

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